Traditional Croatian konoba

authentic Dalmatian food

Traditional tavern

What is konoba ?

There is no space in Dalmatian iconography that has been given so much attention as to a konoba (eng. tavern). The place is sculpted in poems, included in films, depicted on theatrical boards. It is a restaurant where was lived a lively life, celebrations, crowding and laughing, quarreling, and joking. And all this with the abundance of homemade dessert, authentic food, prepared in large pots on fireplaces, for families, relatives and friends.

Konoba today

Konoba today

Many konoba's of today's time has lost its character. They are turned into a restaurant where manistra and pasta fažol lost the war with cereals and pizzas, burgers and squid from the import. The motive of socializing remained the same, basics didn't change, recognizable smell from the cusine, which alluded to the food prepared in the way our grandparents did. The konoba has remained a tavern, fish is cathched with the same fishing nets, prepared in the same pots, and basic meaning, fostering autochthonousness in the gastronomic sense is not lost.

Konoba Croatia

Konoba as a brand

Therefore, the project of restoring the taverns to old days of glory is expected with full attention, where the test will find modern restaurants named as konoba. They will struggle fiercely and not with each other, but controversial and growing competition. In order to obtain the required Original Label - Dalmatian konoba, in its pots will have to start cooking on recipes related to Dalmatian autochthon. In practice, it means offering its guests only the best, homely, authentic, original, produced exclusively in the area of our islands, coasts and hinterland. As a good example, we set out Konoba Lučac Split. The "konoba" will actually become a brand, will become a place where you will taste the gastro flavors of the history of this area, it will connect the knowledge and wealth of local people.

Local Restaurants

Local restaurants

The project of placing the tavern, its return to the grounds from which it has sprinkled. Besides giving the mark of places celebrating the local gastronomy, it will also provide the required quality of Croatian products and services. By the end of the year Dalmatia will get its first vineyards with a quality mark, and with them, the package finally comes with food that will, though in these facilities, expel the tomatoes and varieties of the various dishes that have been offered in the taverns so far. Finally, the local guest will be able to get back into the scents he once broke into his grandmother's kitchen. Foreigners will be able to enjoy the inexhaustible gastronomic of the Dalmatian region. Again, time is coming to us with gavun and sardines as candy, fritula and paradižot, ice cream and honey, dumplings in raspberries, raisins, kaštradina ... the fried toast, so easily unjustly cleansed from the menu.

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